Language Apps

Binasii began as a company dedicated to preserving First Nation languages for future generations. As such, we specialize in creating dictionary apps. We come to your community, transcribe language translations and syllabics, record audio of native speakers, and photograph the community. With this information, we provide a fully searchable dictionary with audio pronunciation functionality. With this first step complete, we are able to create learning games and stories based on your community’s unique regional dialect.


Mobile Games

With the knowledge that the best learning occurs with interaction, we specialize in educational games available for download for Android, iPhone, and desktop computers. By downloading games at the click of a button, they can be easily dispersed to multiple users whether they are community members, employees, or students. Talk to us today to find out how a role-playing, strategy, or puzzle game can help facilitate learning.


SQL Database Functionality

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language used to view or change data in databases. We can query SQL databases to add data, remove data, or view data in the database. This translates to a large searchable database contained within mobile apps, perfect for reference guides and dictionaries.


Parallax Storyboard Apps

Parallax scrolling involves the web page’s background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll. We use this technique to build story apps, meaning the viewer can scroll engaging, modern visuals at a pace comfortable for them.


Custom Apps

You dream it, we’ll make it.

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